Habyts Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Habyts has a free 14 day trial from the moment you sign up! If you are not happy with Habyts at anytime during your free trial, you can simply remove our software.

If after 14 days you decide to keep using Habyts, you can subscribe either through your Parent Dashboard or through iTunes on your Apple device (you'll need to have the Habyts app installed).

Habyts will not refund a subscription once purchased. This applies to Annual and Monthly subscriptions. 

Cancellation Policy

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled with a period of 5 working days notice. Your cancellation will begin from the moment it has been accepted, Habyts controls will cease and the dashboard will be unavailable.

At Habyts we are of course human (mostly... and canine) so if you have extenuating circumstances which fall outside of our outlined refund and cancellation policy, please email your query to contact@habyts.com.



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