Android Update V. 920357506

We released our new Android version on the 22nd December 2016.

The updates include:

If you already have the Android app - you will receive a pop up asking you to install the new version by clicking on the 'Install now' button in the pop up. The pop up will appear within 12 hours of us releasing our new version.

If you are installing the Android version for the first time, you will automatically receive the new version.

What's New?

  • Speed when navigating the Parent Dashboard has been enhanced so your experience is quicker moving from one action to another.
  • Sound and vibration settings can be enabled or disabled for push notifications.
  • 'Send logs' has been changed to 'Report a problem' with the user asked to give a brief description of what the issue is along with the log.
  • Bugs relating to the Habyts widget have been fixed so this works more smoothly.
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