How to Handle Kids Objections to Habyts?

So you've made the decision to try Habyts - well done you're almost there!

However, you now need to get the kids on board (which can be a struggle in itself). But, you've come this far, and you've recognized a change is needed.

Habyts works best if your kids 'buy-in' to what you want to achieve. It's about what you can achieve together and what your end goal is.

Naturally, kids at first are not going to be happy with Habyts because they will see it as restricting their freedom.

Positives always work best and a great place to start:

  • Habyts involves the whole family, Parents, Grandparents, even Child Minders can all have their own login and this is unlimited per account. Children will also have their own logins, but the important part is you are all connected.
  • As a Parent, you get comfort from managing your kids time on screens, without nagging or arguments.
  • From a child's perspective, they actually have more independence! Contrary to what your child initially would have thought. This is because they are responsible for their own time. You set the boundaries with the schedule, and it is then down to your child how they manage their time within those boundaries.
  • Tasks are completed without moaning as they become habits. As your child gets older tasks can become more of a checklist and can include items such as 'Spend time with your brother/sister'. This is not really a task but a reminder as we all get busy to make sure to spend time with others. Remember, this is about habit building for the future!
  • The reward section is a good persuasive tool - you can add whatever you want! The great part about setting rewards is giving your kids goals to work towards.  If you are clever, the reward you set (agreed with your child) is an activity the whole family gets to enjoy!

Limiting screen time should not be seen as a punishment but a revolution for your family - moving towards a life in balance with technology.

Technology dependency limits imagination and social skills and stunts kids communication skills. A good point to mention is perhaps as parents you can have a pact with your kids to also not be on your devices so much! After all, Social Media often comes between meaningful family time and we don't realize it.

Lead by example if you can, and work together!

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