What are Habyts password requirements?

Habyts requires passwords for several reasons:

  • To keep your data (personal information) secure
  • Each family member to have their own login, this is to ensure accurate usage is reported and to make sure your kids can't add any extra Playtime in the Parent Dashboard!
  • Your child's login manages the state of their device as soon as their password is accepted. For example the device they are using is Habyts controlled, so requires login to access it's contents. Once your child is logged in and not in Playtime the device will be locked down until this status changes.

To set up your child's password - keep it simple! Just make sure the password is not known by any other siblings per child.

Password set up:

  • Minimum of 4 characters - for a child. This can be a mixture of letter or numbers, OR all letters OR all numbers. Just make sure it is memorable. (If your child or you can't remember their password, you can change this password from your Parent Dashboard).
  • Minimum of 6 characters - for a adult. Again this can be a mixture of letters or numbers.
  • No spaces or special characters can be used - simply letters and numbers.
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