Product Update - 27th March 2017

The Habyts Hobbits have been busy making a number of updates we hope you will appreciate:

  • Improved connectivity  - On Mobile Data 3G/4G connections.
  • Multiple VPN servers - This now means that customers around the world will connect to their local domain server instead of the Habyts UK one. This will increase overall performance.
New Functionality:
  • VPN switch available in the Parent Dashboard on the Play Time page. (iOS users only). This option will allow kids to be able to access their favourite games which were previously blocked due to Habyts controls. Please remember if you switch off the VPN this will remove the web filtering - so don't forget to switch this back on again when Play Time is over!
  • More detail and update of the Parent Dashboard header - Please let us know if you find the changes useful?
We released a new version of our Apple app to the Appstore on the 14th March. This included a new streamlined registration journey which has been rolled out across all platforms.
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