What is Scheduled Study Time

Study Time was such a popular feature with all our parents we developed a Scheduled Study Time feature. What is Scheduled Study Time?

In the Habyts Schedule bar, you can automatically set times when your kids’ Study Time has to start. 

  •  Go to the Schedule and Add a Study Time Schedule

 The display will look like the screen below. You can give your schedule a name.

(we’ve used Homework as a default).

Study Time Schedule Image


Set which days you want homework to be completed

  1. Set a starting time
  2. Decide how long study time should last for or if Study Time should only finish once you’ve signed off your child’s homework
  3. Decide if you want to offer them points for completing their homework, which they can then use on Rewards or extra Play Time within Habyts
  4. Finally, save!
  5. You can edit your Study Time Schedule at any time.

If you don’t want to schedule in Study Time and would prefer to set up this time on a more ad hoc basis, you can still do that too. Just use the Study Time feature in Habyts as normal and your screen time rules for homework will stay in place.

But even if they don’t have enough homework, you might still wish to set up a scheduled study time. They can then use this time to complete other educational activities like reading and writing. This regular schedule will then get them in the habit of completing educational work and other activities before turning to screen time for fun.

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