How do I Allow Websites in Study Time

What are Unblocked Sites in Study Time?

Unblocked sites are websites which fall under one of the categories blocked by Habyts during Play Time and Study Time which you can choose to unblock for your child to access.

Apps can also be blocked or unblocked on Android and Windows devices. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of the Apple iOS operating system we are unable to manage apps in the same way, so apps will only be available on iOS during Play Time.

Whilst a particular website will now be accessible by your child, all other websites which fall under this category will remain blocked.

To Unblock a website in Study Time, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Go to 'Individual Websites' option.
  2. Click the Add... button.
  3. Enter the url (address) of the website into the text box. (Make sure you use the domain too, such as .com or
  4. Click OK. You will return to the Play Time panel.
  5. The Save button will turn green. Click Save.

To discard you changes at any time click the Trash can to remove.

Once you unblock a website, it will show as having a green tick next to it and when this website is available.


To remove a website, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Click the trash can icon next to the website you wish to delete.
  2. The Save button will turn green. Click Save.

To discard you changes at any time click the orange Discard Changes button.

Once removed from the Unblocked sites panel, this website will no longer be visible during Study Time.

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