Play Time

What is Play Time?

Play Time is recreational time for playing apps, videos or browsing the web.

You can set how much Play Time you kids have  - their Play Time Allowance - on the Play Time page.

Your kids can earn extra Play Time by doing Tasks in Habyts. We call this Bonus Play Time. Bonus Play Time is unlocked when your Kids  use their Points. They earn these through doing Tasks (see below).

You can also limit how much Bonus Play Time your kids can unlock each day

The Play Time page displays:

  1. Play Time Daily Allowance.
  2. Bonus Play Time. This section controls how you would like your kids to use their points. Habyts is set to automatically allow points to be used for extra screen time. You can of course cap the number of points that can be used daily so still giving an allowance, or you can set the account to not use points for extra screen time as your child may be saving points for something else.

  1. Blocked during Play Time. This section on the Play Time page (as shown above) allows you to add specific websites or apps* you still wish to be blocked during Play Time.
  2. Time spent on other devices. This is where you record the time spent on other devices such as gaming consoles, and this time will be taken off your child's overall Play Time so the allowance you give remains the overall allowance.

*Apps can only be blocked on Android and Windows devices. This is not available on Apple iOS devices.

For more information on the Play Time Page, see the articles below:


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