Viewing your Rewards

The Rewards you set your child appear on their Child Dashboard under the Rewards tab. The beauty of Habyts, is it allows you to reward good behaviour! The rewards you set will help you to gain your child's 'buy-in'.

Top Tip: Why not complete this section together and let your child choose their reward?

Your child can view their progress towards earning their Rewards at any time by viewing the Rewards tab on their Child Dashboard. The Reward tab shows:

  1. The Rewards available.
  2. How many Points are needed to unlock each Reward.

When your child has saved enough points in their Piggy Bank, they can request their Reward from a parent or guardian. Giving a Reward can only be done from the Parent Dashboard.

For more information on Giving Rewards, see the Give a Reward article.

To view Rewards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Rewards panel by clicking the white open arrow.
  2. View the Rewards and how many points are required to earn each one.


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