Uninstalling Habyts from my iPad, iPhone or iPod?

To uninstall Habyts from your iPhone or iPad, just follow these simple steps:

Follow steps in Stage 1 only to unenroll Habyts !

Stage 1: (child or shared devices) Remove the Habyts profile

  1. Go to the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down to General settings.
  3. Then tap the "Habyts management profile" and tap "Remove Management" at the bottom.
  4. You'll be prompted for your device Passcode. Enter it now.
  5. A pop-up will appear stating "Remove Management". Tap Remove.
  6. Habyts will now uninstall the profile from your device.
  7. You'll get an email and/or notification that the Habyts has been removed from the device.

Stage 2: Remove the Habyts app.

  1. Locate the Habyts App on your home screen.
  2. Hold your finger over the app until it starts wiggling and a red x appears in the corner.
  3. Tap the red x.
  4. A Delete "Habyts" pop-up will appear. Tap Delete.

Habyts has been removed from your device.

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