Parent Dashboard Overview


Kids and parents use Habyts for different reasons. 

For parents, it's to regulate screen time, set or approve their kid's Tasks, and Rewards for doing them.

For kids, it's to start or stop Play Time, view their daily Tasks and the Rewards their aiming for.

As such, a parents view of Habyts differs to that of their kids. We call these different views Dashboards.

What is the Parent Dashboard?

The Parent Dashboard is your view of Habyts.

It's where you'll find all the important settings such as the Schedule, Tasks and Rewards pages, as well as up-to-the-minute information on your child's screen activity such as their remaining Play Time Allowance.

The Parent Dashboard shows:

  1. The Status Bar (see below).
  2. The Home Page for quick-access tools and an overview of your child's screen time activity.
  3. The Schedule Page for setting the earliest and latest times your child can use their screens.
  4. The Play Time Page for setting your child's Play Time Allowance,Upper Limit and Blocked Sites.
  5. The Study Time Page for setting your child's Study Time and Blocked Sites.
  6. The Tasks Page for setting your child's daily Tasks such as washing the dishes. Or the dog!
  7. The Rewards Page for setting your child's Rewards which they can unlock with Points.
  8. The Reports Page for up-to-the-minute information on your child’s Screen Time activity.


Where do I find it?

Your Parent Dashboard is accessible on any mobile, tablet or PC. You don’t need to have Habyts installed to access your Parent Dashboard. Simply copy and paste this link in the browser:

The Parent Dashboard Status Bar


The Status bar sits at the top of your Parent Dashboard.

The Status bar shows:

  1. Childs name.
  2. Child's image.
  3. Child's remaining Play Time Allowance (Clock icon) 
  4. Child's Points balance (Piggy Bank icon)
  5. Status (Offline, Online, Study Time etc)
  6. Navigation arrows to switch the child account your are managing.

You'll also find...

  • Account page
  • Sign out

The Status bar only displays information about one child at a time. If you’ve more than one child using Habyts, toggle between your kid's separate Habyts accounts using the < > arrows (6).


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