Introducing your Habyts Account

What is Account?

'Account' contains all the important settings associated with your Habyts account.

The Account drop down menu shows:

  1. My profile - Information about you such as your name, email address and timezone.
  2. My family's profiles - The profiles of your kids who use Habyts. Here you can view your kids profiles add other users (Adults and Children), remove users or amend their personal details (e.g password, photo).
  3. My family's devices - The devices associated with your Habyts account which have Habyts installed. There is also an option to install Habyts if you happen to be logged into your Parent Dashboard whilst using a shared device (or logged into your Parent Dashboard from your child's device).
  4. Sign Out - To sign out of your Parent Dashboard.

Please Note: The Account settings are not visible in the Child Account. Sign into your Parent Dashboard.

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