What is Play Time?

Play Time is recreational time for playing apps, videos or browsing the web.

You can set how much Play Time your kids have in their Play Time Allowance on the play time page.

  • Bonus Play Time. Bonus Play Time is unlocked when your Kids use their Points. They earn these points through doing tasks you set!
  • You can also limit how much Bonus Play Time your kids can unlock each day with an upper Limit.
  • Your child’s remaining 'Play Time Allowance' is displayed in the Clock icon in the Status Bar. 

Please Note: Though Habyts records how long your child spends in Play Time, it rounds up to the nearest minute. Thus, if you child starts and stops Play Time in quick succession (<1 min), 1 min Play Time will be deducted. Rapidly starting and stopping Play Time could quickly deplete a child's Play Time Allowance.

For more information on setting Play Time, see the article(s) below:

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