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We believe you'll love Habyts - which is why we give you a Free 14 day trial when you register. After 14 days we hope you'll have discovered a more harmonious home life!

Unless you upgrade to one of our Habyts paid plans, you won't be able to:

Above all, the devices you have managed by Habyts will revert to their unrestricted form...

  • Habyts works wherever your kids are, managing their screen time and protecting them from the worst of the web.
  • Habyts adds up their time spent on different devices (even across phones and laptops) so kids can’t just move from one device to another to avoid limits.
  • You can remove distractions during Study time by limiting which sites and apps they can use.
  • Tired of chore wars? Set your kids Tasks and incentivise them with Points! And use the Habyts Reward system to help teach your kids the good habits that they’ll need as they get older. You’ll be amazed by how positive rewards changes the atmosphere in your home!
  • Each child has a separate account, so you can set custom screen time rules, tasks and rewards, all of which can be accessed on the go via your Dashboard. These accounts still apply on shared devices, so family computers or tablets can also be managed, and you can see reports on who has been doing what!
  • Habyts doesn’t need another box in your home, works on all networks (wifi, 3G, 4G, Ethernet...) and manages screen time even when your kids are offline, so offline games or downloaded videos (which don’t need an internet connection) are still managed.


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