How to set up your Family with Habyts

 Here's the basic process:

   Sign up online via

   Install the Habyts app on all the devices your children use, including ones that you share with them, such as a family PC.

   Sign in to your Parent Dashboard to manage screen time, homework and chores


For step-by-step instructions on how to install the Habyts app on your kids' devices, please click on the links below:

  How to install Habyts on Android

    How to install Habyts on Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod

   How to install Habyts on Windows PCs


The easiest way to sign in to your Parent Dashboard is to go to and click 'Sign in'. Alternatively, you can install the Habyts app on your own phone, tablet or PC - the app gives you some nice extra features (such as Habyts notifications) and is perhaps a little easier to find on your phone! (Hint: if you do install the app on your own device, make sure you click 'remember me' so you don't have to keep signing in!)


How Habyts works

Since a picture tells a thousand words, here are a thousand words about 'How Habyts Works'. We think it's self-explanatory, but if it's not clear to you, please tell us because you won't be the only one and we'll need to fix it!


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