Which Browsers can I use with Habyts?

Habyts works in two ways;

  1. The Habyts App you download onto your child's device.
  2. Through your web browser (Parents only) by typing habyts.com and clicking on 'Sign in' to get to your Parent Dashboard.
You can access your Habyts Parent Dashboard through any web browser, as you don't need to have the app installed if your child does not share your device.
However, if you have the Habyts App installed on your device (as you want to control your child's screen time) then for now, Habyts is only compatible with certain browsers:
  • On your Windows PC you can use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • On your iPad, iPhone, iPod Apple device, the default browser is Safari which is compatible with Habyts.
  • On Android your browser is Google Chrome.

We're working on Habyts being available across all browsers in the near future!

You can download and install Google Chrome Here

You can download and install Microsoft Internet Explorer Here

Browsers currently Not Supported:

  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
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