How does Habyts work on my child's Windows device?

Habyts is a parental control application first and foremost, which means that once loaded onto your child's device - you control how your child interacts with their device.

Play Time allows your child access to recreational websites and games, and Study Time restricts your child's access, only allowing websites used to support study.

(Habyts is designed to automatically restrict all 'Play Time' and Social apps in Study Time - so you don't have to!)

Restrictions mean that you will see apps be available and not available during the following phases:

  • When nobody is signed in to the Habyts dashboard - No apps will be available except for your core pre-loaded Windows apps.
  • When you are signed into your device as a parent - Yes, all your apps will be available.
  • When a child is signed in but not in Play Time - No apps will be available.
  • When a child is signed in and in Play Time - Apps will be available.

If a child wants to access an app in 'Study Time', Habyts will show a pop up that advises your child they cannot access 'name of app' unless in Play Time.

Your apps will always be visible on your Windows device, how Habyts works on other devices maybe different.

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