Daily Allowance

You control how much Play Time your child can have each day by setting a schedule AND by setting limits around Bonus Playtime, this is located on the Play Time page.

As you award your child points for completing their tasks or for any good behaviour, these points are set to be automatically used when a child runs out of allocated Play Time as a default. This gives them bonus play - unless you set restrictions or rules as to how you want their points to be used.

Can't spend points on Bonus Play Time' caps Play Time regardless of the number of points your child has, or wishes to use in exchange for ‘Bonus Play Time’. They will only be able to use the original allowance you have allocated.

If you want your child to be able to use points for extra screen time then you can still control the amount of total Play Time by setting a limit to the number of points that can be used on top of their Daily Allowance. Simply tick the box and set your limit.

Total Play Time = Daily Allowance + Bonus Play Time


Please note ‘Bonus Play Time’ will be included in your reports, so don’t be surprised when you see more time used in Play than you had scheduled – unless you have selected that points cannot be used on Play Time.

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