Daily Reports

How to understand the Daily Activity Report
The Daily Activity Report is a new feature to make your experience with Habyts even better as a parent. The Daily Activity Report email gives you a quick view of where time is being spent and for how long over the last 24 hours on the primary platforms (Windows, Android, or Apple iOS).
Here is what you will see for each Child using Habyts.
  • Total Play Time over the last 24 hours.
  • Play Time by Platform: Windows, Android, or Apple iOS.
    • Measured by minutes for Windows and Android.
    • Shown by items for Apple iOS.
  • Each App and Site used during Play Time.
    • Number of minutes used is shown for Windows and Android Devices.
    • Number of hits is shown for Apple iOS Devices.
  • The same information is also shown for Study Time.
Why do we show Play Time differently by Platform?
Because time is measured differently by platform.  Since there exist different technological solutions for each of the platforms, Habyts measures time slightly differently from one platform to the next.
This is good to know as a user may be using multiple devices and platforms at the same time.
For Windows and Android, Habyts measures the time that the child is using any apps or viewing any websites.  This means that if the user is in Play Time but not using any apps or viewing any websites, that time does not count towards the time shown. 
For Apple iOS, Habyts measures the amount of time that the user was in Play Time (or Study Time).  This means that if the user is in Play time but not using any apps or viewing any websites, that time is still counted.
So we believe a more useful measure on Apple iOS for parents are items and hits.
For Play Time on Apple iOS, what are items and hits?
To help you understand what your kids are doing on the Apple iOS devices, we provide the following information in the Activity Report.
  • Total Items tells you the number of apps and sites accessed on the device.
  • Hits tell you the number of times the device has accessed a particular app or site.
For Windows and Android, we provide the number of minutes accessed on the device as well as the number of minutes on a particular app or site.
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