What are the main features of my Habyts family account?

Your family account stores information about you and your family. To access your family settings, click the ‘Menu’ tab from the Orange bar and select ’My account > Profiles’ or ‘My account > Devices’.

Profiles lists profiles for each family member in your Habyts installation.


The first entry is particularly important. It’s the email address associated with the Parent Password, the one which Habyts.com will use to contact you if we need to confirm any instructions you’ve given... and it provides the name we use to greet you in the top right corner of the Parent Dashboard!

The other entries list the personal details and passwords of each child you have set up on the system, and of any additional adults. (Extra adults can share the administration of Habyts.)


Devices provides technical details of each of the devices on which you have installed Habyts.


As you would expect, both the ‘Profiles’ and ‘Devices’ panels provide resources for adding new users to your Habyts installation, and for installing and configuring the app on new devices. For more information, see:




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