How do I get started with the Habyts Parent Dashboard?

The Parent Dashboard gathers all Habyts’ important settings into a convenient online control panel that’s accessible from any of your devices using a browser, or via the Habyts app.


If you’ve just set up Habyts and you haven’t accessed the Parent Dashboard before:


  1. Check the email address you provided when you registered. You’ll find a message from Habyts with a link to Click the link to verify your email address.
  2. automatically redirects you to the login page. Enter your verified email and Parent Password.


If you’ve previously used the Parent Dashboard to access your Habyts account:


  1. Point your browser at
  2. Enter your verified email and Parent Password.


Now that you’ve logged in, you can see:


  • Orange bar at the top of the window confirming your login name and offering ‘Menu’ and ‘Help’ tabs.
  • Blue Status bar confirming the name of the child whose record you’re presently reviewing.
  • Home: a quick overview of what your kids have been up to.
  • Schedule: a way of setting basic limits on your kids’ online time.
  • Play Time and Study Time to provide more detailed control over your child’s computer usage...
  • ...Tasks, where you assign non-computer chores...
  • ...and Rewards, where you set medium- and long-term goals (subscribers only).
  • Finally, consult the Reports for full details of your kids’ activities.


Note: It’s not necessary to install a copy of the Habyts app on your own device to access these functions, but you might choose to do so. See:




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