How to use the Habyts Child Dashboard

The Child Dashboard provides your kids with their own overview of Habyts. They can manage their Play Time; view and sign off any Tasks they have; see how many Points they've earned; and review the Rewards they’re working towards.


Your kids can open the Child Dashboard on Android and iOS by launching the Habyts app, or on Windows by clicking the Habyts icon in the System Tray. The Child Dashboard comprises:


  1. The Status Bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Sign out: To log out of Habyts so that a brother or sister can use the device.
  3. Play Time: Starts or stops Play Time -- if any is available!
  4. To do: The Tasks your child has been set and whether they're done or not.
  5. My usage: How many minutes of Play Time your child has used and how many remain.
  6. Rewards: The Rewards you child is working towards and how many Points are needed to earn them (subscribers only).
  7. Child Content: Fun, friendly content chosen specifically for kids (only available in Play Time).


The Child Dashboard will only run if the Habyts app is installed. The app will prompt your child to sign in as soon as they start using their device.

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