What is Play Time and how does it work?

Use Habyts’ Play Time feature to grant your kids time-limited access to the Internet and to their games, apps and other software. Your kids can choose when to apply their Play Time allowance. When it is used up, their access will be blocked... although you may choose to let them extend their basic allocation by exchanging some of the Points they’ve earned for Bonus Play Time.


For a quick overview of your child’s Play Time allowance, select their account in the Status bar. The Summary panel shows exactly how much Play Time they have available (along with other details).


To review and update their Play Time settings in more detail, click the Play Time icon. The child’s ‘Play Time’ panel shows:


  • How much Play Time you have allocated to them...
  • ...and how much (if any) Bonus Play Time.


Habyts implementation of the Play Time feature is one of the most important differences between our software and other screen time solutions. Because we believe that the aim of education should be to promote responsible behaviour, our solution ensures excellent parental controls while allowing your kids flexibility and autonomy. In particular, responsibility for starting Play Time is given to the child rather than the parent... unlike competing products. For more information:





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