How do I change which websites and apps are blocked during Study Time?


Habyts automatically blocks your kids’ access to sites and apps that our editors believe you might find objectionable, but you can:


  • Block additional websites, site categories and apps
  • Remove default blocks, or blocks you’ve applied previously
  • Nominate sites to be accessible during Play Time but not Study Time


You might block websites which target your kids with advertising… but decide that it’s OK for them to visit the sites of their favourite cartoon characters. Or you might feel that it’s fine for them to look at YouTube during Play Time but not while they’re studying.


To edit the blocks:


  1. Select the child’s account In the Status bar.
  2. Click the Play Time or Study Time icon in the Dashboard.
  3. Scroll to the ‘Blocked websites and apps’ section and click ‘Edit’.
  4. Click on the appropriate pop-up -- ‘Website categories’, ‘Individual websites’ or ‘Apps’.
  5. Adjust the red or green checkboxes to grant or deny access during Play Time or Study Time. (Greyed-out checkboxes can’t be edited.) If you’re working with the ‘Individual websites’ pop-up, you can enter additional URLs of your own choosing… or delete URLs you’ve previously added to the listing.
  6. Click ‘Save’.

Note: The ‘blocked site’ lists which Habyts maintains for Play Time and Study Time are ‘cascaded’. Blocking a site from the Play Time list will automatically block it from the Study Time list, but blocking a site from the Study Time list will not result in it being blocked from the Play Time list.

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