How do I set up an ‘On-The-Fly’ Study Time period?

Habyts is a great way to organize spontaneous study sessions. These ‘On-The-Fly’ Study Time periods can be anything from two minutes to a whole day. During that time, the child will be blocked from accessing websites and from playing computer games, although they will be able to make phone calls and send text messages. To set up an ‘On-The-Fly’ Study Time period:


  1. Select the child’s account in the Status bar and click the Study Time icon.
  2. Set the ‘Enforce study time rules now, for...’ pop-up. You can set any Study Time period from two minutes to a whole day.
  3. Click ‘Start’.


That’s it! The ‘On-The-Fly’ Study Time period commences immediately. You can choose to extend it by clicking the blue ‘Extend’ button, or to stop it by clicking the red ‘Stop’ button.


For more on Habyts Schedules and Study Times, see:


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