What are Habyts Tasks?

Tasks is a Habyts feature which helps to teach kids good, responsible behaviour, empowering them to take a bigger role in family life. It’s popular with everyone, but kids are particularly keen... because Tasks are a way to earn Bonus Play Time and non-screen Rewards!


Tasks work on Habyts Points, the same system you use to reward kids for doing their homework. Should the dishes be washed, the lawn mowed or the hallway hoovered? You can decide as a family which Tasks should be done every week, and allocate Points for their completion. When your child completes one of their Tasks, those Points are added to their Bank. Now they can choose whether to use them to unlock Bonus Play Time or save them up for Rewards.


You can review your kids’ assigned Tasks at any time by clicking the Tasks icon in the Habyts Parent Dashboard. Besides listing assigned Tasks, the panel shows the present status of your child’s assignments. A red ‘Overdue’ flag appears against any undone Tasks, while those which have been done are marked with green ‘Done’ or ‘Approve’ buttons.


  • If a Task is flagged as ‘Overdue’...
    … your child is late doing his chores!
  • If a Task is flagged with a green ‘Done’ button...
    ...time’s not up, but your child has not yet indicated that the task is complete. When the task has been done, you or they can click the ‘Done’ button. The flag changes and the corresponding Points are added to your child’s Piggy Bank automatically.
  • If a Task is flagged with a green ‘Approve’ button...
    ...your child has indicated that it’s done, but your approval is needed before Habyts will recognize it as being complete. Click ‘Approve’ to change the flag and add the corresponding Points to your child’s Piggy Bank.


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