What are Habyts Rewards?


Habyts Rewards are non-screen privileges kids earn by completing Tasks to collect Points.


From being allowed to choose dinner to having a sleepover to a family excursion, rewards and privileges can motivate and inspire.  They can be used to provide positive reinforcement, encourage kids to complete a difficult task, and provide recognition for a job well done.


Rewards also can be viewed as objectives that you and your kids set up together. For example, 30 Points might buy a visit to the city zoo, while a larger quantity would mean a larger Reward.


Keep in mind, that Habyts Points can also be spent on Bonus Play Time (if you allow it).  Within the boundaries you set, your child will learn to make decisions on whether to spend those Points on bonus recreational screen time (called Play Time in Habyts) or non-screen Rewards.


So, granting a Reward (or using Bonus Play Time) deducts points from a child’s Bank. In essence, they have ‘spent’ those Points on privileges.





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