What are Habyts Rewards?

Habyts encourages good time management via a system of Points and Rewards.


You can think of Points as a kind of currency. Kids earn Points by completing Tasks and other assignments and can spend it on Play Time -- opportunities to play online games and visit social media sites. Each Point is worth exactly one minute of screen time. But the story doesn’t end there...


When you become a Habyts subscriber, your family Habyts installation is upgraded to support Rewards.


Rewards are medium- and long-term objectives -- like treats or family excursions -- that you and your kids set up together. 30 Points might buy a visit to the city zoo, while a larger quantity would mean a larger Reward.


In a Rewards-enabled installation, kids can opt to trade their Points immediately in exchange for Bonus Play Time, or save them towards larger goals. As a parent, you can influence that decision by limiting the number of Points your kids can trade for Play Time every day.


Of course, we hope you’ll take out a Habyts subscription… and help your kids become long-term planners!





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