How can I use Habyts to Schedule my kids’ screen time?

One of Habyts’ most important features is the control which it gives you over your kids’ screen time. Using the Schedule feature, you can set overall limits on the times your child can use their device, or exert more subtle influence.


To set a basic Schedule:


  1. Select the child’s account in the Status bar and click the Schedule icon.
  2. Go to the ‘Earliest and Latest’ section of the panel, and use the pop-ups to set the earliest and latest times at which your child is allowed screen time on each day of the week. (You can save a little time by clicking the ‘Copy to every day’ button.)
  3. Click ‘Save’.


That’s it! Your child’s access will be limited outside the times you’ve specified.


For more information on schedules and access controls in Habyts, see:




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