How do I update Habyts on an Apple iOS device?

It’s easy to update Habyts on an Apple iOS iPad, iPhone or iPod:


Stage 1: Remove the old Habyts profile:


  1. Go to the Settings App.
  2. Scroll down to ‘General settings’.
  3. Tap the 'Profiles and Device Management' settings.
  4. Tap the 'Habyts management profile' then tap the 'Remove Management' option at the bottom of the panel.
  5. Type your device passcode in response to the prompt.
  6. Tap ‘Remove Management. Habyts uninstalls the profile.
  7. Close the 'Settings' tab.
  8. Check your email for notification from that the app has been removed.


Stage 2: Download the new profile:


  1. Tap the Habyts app.
  2. Log in using your child’s Habyts password.
  3. Tap the green ‘Download and install Habyts management profile’ button.
  4. Tap ‘Allow’ in the confirming dialog.
  5. Tap ‘Install’ in the ‘Install Profile’ panel
  6. Re-enter your device passcode, and tap ‘Install’ in the ‘Warning’ panel.
  7. Tap ‘Trust’ in the confirming dialog.
  8. Habyts returns you to the Download page. This time, tap the blue 'Activate Habyts' button.


The re-installation process is complete.

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