How will Habyts change the way my kids use their devices?

Installing Habyts on your kids' devices will help them learn to use their time effectively.


The Habyts app combines scheduling functions with access controls, so it helps kids stick to an agreed timetable while blocking or limiting their access to distracting (or even harmful) websites and apps. And, via its Points rewards system, it can instil the discipline they need to work towards medium and long-term goals.


Habyts distinguishes between Play Time and Study time:

  • In Play Time, your child is allowed to access recreational websites and games.
  • In Study Time, your child can access only learning-friendly websites and apps.


Habyts makes it easy to set up schedules for play and study, putting you firmly in control of your family’s devices while showing your kids how to make the most of their screen time. And, because they can commence their allocated Play Times at times of their own choosing, they quickly ‘sign up’ as Habyts users!

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