How do I sign up/register with Habyts?


The first step in setting up Habyts is to register a family account at Online registration is easy (and free!)


  1. Visit, enter your email address and a password, and click ‘Continue’. The Habyts Setup Wizard appears.
  2. In the first panel of the Wizard, enter your own name and phone number.
  3. In the next panel, enter your child’s name and details, plus the username and password which they will use to log on to the system. (You can also set up a basic schedule, but it might be best to save that for later.)
  4. Click ‘Save and continue’. You can add another child if you wish.
  5. The third and last panel prompts you to download the Habyts app onto the device you’re presently using.


If you’re using your own device to sign up and you know that your kids won’t ever use it:

  • Click the blue ‘This device is just for me‘ button. (You can safely ignore the follow-up page.) Click the link to visit the Habyts Parent Dashboard.


If you’re using a device that you share with your kids, you will need to download and install the Habyts app:

  • Click the green ‘Set up this device for my kids to use‘ button.


For more information on installing the Habyts app, see:




Note: Once you’ve completed your registration, you begin a 14-day free trial of Habyts.

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