Why should I consider installing the Habyts app on my own device?

Habyts is designed to be easy to administer, and the fact that you can access the Habyts Parent Dashboard via the browser is an important part of that. But quite a few of our ‘Habyts parents’ opt to install the app on their own devices. Here’s why.


If you install the Habyts app on your own phone:

  • You’ll get live notifications from Habyts
  • You’ll be able to control Habyts simply by launching the app, rather than visiting the Habyts.com website
  • You will be able to share your device with your kids, because their rules will be applied automatically when they log in


Please note the following:

  • If you have an Apple iOS device, the on-screen app layout will change to an alphabetical listing


Note: If you do install the app on your own device (but not a shared device), make sure you check the 'Remember me' option so you don't have to keep signing in!

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