How do I use Habyts to set up a Reward?

To set up a Reward:


  1. Select the child’s account in the Status bar, and click the ‘Rewards’ icon.
  2. Enter a Reward name in the ‘Describe/pick reward’ field (or choose one from the drop-down list).
  3. In the drop-down ‘Points’ field, set how many points will be needed to earn the Reward.
  4. Click ‘Add’. The ‘Save’ button turns green.
  5. Click ‘Save’.


Note: Habyts Points have an intrinsic value, since each one is equivalent to one minute’s unsupervised screen time. While it’s up to you to decide exactly how many Points will be needed for a particular Reward, we suggest that sharing an ice cream is worth 10 Points, a quick trip to the park is worth 25, and a swimming expedition is worth 40.


For more information on Habyts Rewards, see:




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