How do I use Habyts to give my kids a Reward?

Habyts Points and Rewards are powerful motivational tools that teach kids to earn their privileges.  Rewards can provide positive reinforcement, encourage your child to complete a difficult task, and provide recognition for a job well done. ,


In fact, often the most enjoyable part is giving your kids the reward or privilege they’ve been working towards! Your child will probably let you know as soon as they have accumulated the necessary Points, but you can also use the Rewards panel to keep track of their progress.


  1. In the Parent Dashboard, select the child’s account, and click the ‘Rewards’ icon.
  2. Identify the Reward from the list. If your child has enough Points, the ‘Give Reward’ button will have turned green.
  3. Click the ‘Give Reward’ button, and click ‘OK’ to confirm.


The required number of Points is deducted from your child's Bank. It’s time to hand over the Reward!

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